Jackson H. Skillings
Team: Ice Hockey

Jackson H. Skillings '37
Sport: Ice Hockey
Year Inducted: 1971
Other Sports Played: Tennis

Jackson H. Skillings '37 was the first of Brown's great goalies. Captain of the 9-1 freshman team, he allowed only one goal in 10 games. Skillings had an outstanding night as a junior, kicking out 77 shots in a 3-0 loss to a powerful Harvard team at R.I. Auditorium. A year later, Captain Skillings turned back 50 shots as the Bruins defeated Yale, 3-2, for the first time. A stand-up goalie, Skillings used his gloved-hand as much as possible. He was known for his ability to feed back out to his wings to start the break up ice. Skillings played the 1937-38 season with the Hershey Bears, division champions of the Eastern Hockey League. He was also a fine tennis player, serving as captain his freshman, junior, and senior years.