Laurie A. Raymond
Team: Ice Hockey

Laurie A. Raymond '78
Sport: Ice Hockey
Year Inducted: 1984
Other Sports Played: Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse

It's difficult to fit Laurie Raymond '78 into a single sports category. After all, this is one of Brown's all-time most versatile athletes. She played five varsity sports in college - tennis, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, and lacrosse - and served as captain of the latter three. "Laurie's just a natural athlete," commented one of her coaches, lacrosse mentor Dale Philippi. Her natural skills and a lot of hard work on the ice brought Raymond numerous honors as a hockey player. She ranks sixth on the all-time scoring list in women's ice-hockey, even though she played the sport only in her junior and senior years. In 29 career games, she scored 41 points (30 goals, 11 assists). As a senior, Raymond was named to the All-Ivy tournament team. She led Brown to a third-place finish in that tournament at Cornell, scoring three goals in two games and playing brilliantly on defense. In 1978, she paced the Brown women in scoring with 17 goals and seven assists. Laurie was awarded the 1978 Panda Cup for "outstanding team spirit, good sportsmanship, and dedication to playing ice hockey." Although she had played ice hockey before coming to Brown, Raymond chose to play varsity basketball in her freshman and sophomore years. But a series of sprained ankles led her to consider a different winter sport. She was recruited for hockey by Coach Steve Shea '73 in a rather unusual location: the ice whirlpool in the training room. "As I iced my ankle, he was icing a groin injury," recalls Raymond. "After a slightly embarrassed introduction, we figured out each other's identity and hit it off instantly." Raymond is now a research assistant in marine geology at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on Cape Cod. Her grandfather was the late Dr Loring H. Raymond '02.