Mercedes Bosch Nawrocki
Hometown: Westfield, NJ
Team: Lacrosse

Mercedes Bosch Nawrocki '78
Westfield, NJ
Year Inducted:
Other Sports Played:
Field Hockey, Squash  

Mercedes Bosch Nawrocki ’78 first played lacrosse at Pelham High School in New York, where she moved with her family from her native Argentina. She played varsity lacrosse for four years at Brown and set a slew of records, many of which still stand. She was second in career scoring with 111 points (74 goals, 37 assists), had the most career assists (37), most goals/season (43) in 1978, most assists/season (22) in 1978, and most points/season (65) in 1978. Mercedes also set records for most consecutive games in which she scored goals – thirteen, between 1975 and 1977, and for most consecutive games in which she scored points – thirty-five, in the same time period. In her junior and senior years, the women’s lacrosse team had records of 8-0-2 and 10-4-0. Mercedes also played on some All-Star teams. In 1976 she was selected for the team that represented New England in the national tournament. In her junior year, she played in the third-man defense position on the second-team All-College squad, and also in that year she was a member of the New England Third Team that won the national championship in Division D. For her play as a left-defense wing in that tournament, Mercedes received a President’s Cup certificate. In her senior year, 1978, she was selected for the New England first team that played in the national tournament in Virginia. She received a Brunonia Award for her four years of varsity lacrosse. A versatile athlete, Mercedes Bosch Nawrocki also received an award for four years of varsity field hockey. To keep in shape in the off season, she played squash. Perhaps she was meant to wear an athletic uniform: Mercedes reports that during practice drills, “I always managed to record faster spring times when carrying either a lacrosse or a hockey stick than I did without one.” Her coach in both sports, Dale Philippi, called the Bruin star “absolutely dedicated and disciplined. In lacrosse she’s so darned quick I’ve had to put her on defense. When she’s on attack, no one can keep up with her.” Recently returned from two years of living in London, Nawrocki now lives with her husband, Jay, in Westfield, New Jersey.