Robert W. Mueller
Hometown: Levittown, NY
Team: Lacrosse

Robert W. Mueller '75
Levittown, NY
Year Inducted:

Robert W. Mueller ’75 was a midfielder Coach Cliff Stevenson could count on – for steady performance, for a last-minute goal when it was most needed, and for leadership on the field. Mueller, who came to Brown from Levittown, New York, began racking up honors as soon as he joined the varsity in his sophomore year and never stopped. Those honors include three years on the first-team All-New England squad, one year on the second team, and two years as first-team All-Ivy. In addition, Bob Mueller was second team All-American and was selected to play in the 1975 North-South All-Star game, in which he scored two goals. “We have had a long line of excellent midfielders,” Coach Cliff Stevenson says, “but ‘Mule’ was definitely one of the four or five best. He was in complete control of the situation when on the field. For example, he knew when to make a move at the cage or when to hold back. He had an uncanny ability to slide the ball off while on the dead run, and he a fine stickhandler. Of course, when you’re talking about Mule, you have to mention his shot. He had a blistering shot and could put it where he wanted to. If the coaches told the squad that against this particular goalie we will have to bounce the ball to score, the Mule would bounce it – and not on the stick side. I’ll never forget the key goal he scored against Princeton as we drove toward the Ivy League title in 1973. If all players had the ability and the attitude of a Bob Mueller, lacrosse would have been a lark to coach.” Bob Mueller also has fond memories of his days at Aldrich-Dexter Field, of being tri-captain, and of playing against the great Maryland team in the NCAA championship tournament in 1973. Mueller didn’t put his lacrosse stick in mothballs after graduation. He played for the Pennsylvania Lacrosse Club in 1977 while studying for his M.B.A. at the Wharton School and, subsequently, played for the New York Lacrosse Club. With his wife, Lauretta, and daughter, Lindsay, Bob Mueller now lives in Minnetonka, Minn., and commutes to his job as a product manager for General Mills in Minneapolis.