James C. Miller
Team: Wrestling

James C. Miller '73
Year Inducted:

In his senior year, after becoming the first Brown man in seven years to win a New England wrestling championship, James C. Miller ’73 made a disappointing showing in the U.S. Nationals. So he headed to Canada and won the Canadian National Championship at 163 pounds. Miller has been the Canadian senior national champion six times, won a bronze medal in the 1975 Pan-American games, was a member of the Canadian 1976 Olympic team, and coached the Canadian national team that won the freestyle competition in the Commonwealth Games in 1982. Even so, during his college career Miller admitted there were moments when he “felt like chucking it all.” But he couldn’t do it. Wrestling meant too much to him then – and it still does. Miller is a third-generation Brown alumnus. His father is Arthur E. Miller Jr. ’50 of North Vancouver, B.C., and his grandfather is Arthur Miller ’22 of Narragansett, Rhode Island. It was during a visit to his grandfather that Miller was first recruited for Brown. He went 8-2 as a freshman and 8-2-1 in his sophomore year. Then he left Brown for a year, studying instead at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia in order to train for the Canadian Olympic Trials. Wrestling freestyle, he compiled a 25-0-1 record. He returned for his senior year at Brown, which was a good one. His record was 15-2-1, he won the Coast Guard Tournament at 167 pounds, and made All-Ivy. Those few times when Jim Miller felt like quitting, he admitted, were following losses when he was “feeling sorry” for himself. But he plunged back into the sport each time, spending an average of 25 to 30 hours a week wrestling and weight-training. “I value the rewards that I’ve gained from the sport.” And his teammates valued Jim Miller’s dedication, too. One of them said, “He is a truly inspirational and helpful leader who has been a fine influence on the team.”