Charles D. Millard
Team: Football

Charles D. Millard '97
Sport: Football
Year Inducted: 1975

Charles D. Millard '97, along with W.B. Hopkins, was one of the most dangerous backs on the Eastern gridirons in the halcyon days of football. Millard stands eighth on Brown's list of career touchdowns with 17. His 11 touchdowns in 1894 is the second highest total in a single season, and his 90-yard run from scrimmage against Tufts in 1893 is third longest in Brown's history. A sports writer of the period wrote: "Built along the same lines as Hopkins, Millard is very nearly as good a player. He makes some phenomenal runs and has a wonderful facility for keeping his feet and twisting away when tackled. Millard's golden head will be seen shooting across many an opponent's goal before the season is over." Millard did make some phenomenal runs, going 45, 25, 40, 90, and 70 for scores in 1893. Like Hopkins, he also had four touchdowns in one game. He put on an All-American performance against Tufts in 1893, breaking away for runs of 50, 90, 70, 55, and 35, along with many shorter jaunts which unofficially put him over 300 yards rushing for the day. A New York Law School graduate, Millard served as a Representative from New York's 25th Congressional District from 1931 to 1937 before becoming a surrogate in Westchester County. Born Dec. 1, 1873, Millard died on Dec. 11, 1944.