David H. Michael
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Team: Wrestling

David H. Michael '51
 Philadelphia, PA
Year Inducted:
Other Sports Played:

David H. Michael won the National Prep School Wrestling Tournament when he was at the Hill School and then posted a 33-0 dual meet record at Brown. At the Hill School, where he was captain his last year, Michael went through 30 bouts without a defeat, giving him an amazing 63-0 record for his prep school and college years. As a wrestler Michael was fast, strong, and had excellent balance. But he was never reckless. In fact, he was a conservative wrestler, one who did what was necessary to win. “Dave never did dumb things on the mat,” says his brother, Gray Michael ’50, also an outstanding wrestler at Brown. “He did the things that kept him out of trouble and he won most of his matches by big scores. Maybe 25 percent of his victories came on pins but it could easily have been more had he wished to alter his style.” Wrestling at the 157-pound class, Dave had a classic match in 1950 with Greenleaf Carlton, the defending New England champion and undefeated wrestling legend at Williams. Michael took the first period 2-1 and then rode Carlton with a “finger four,” one of wrestling’s most painful holds, through the entire second period. Carlton was unable to continue in the third period, picking up his first defeat in intercollegiate dual meet competition. Michael actually enjoyed soccer more than wrestling and he played an aggressive center halfback for Coach Joe Kennaway’s Bruins. He was captain his freshman year and co-captain as a senior. Dave Michael was president and owner of Michael-Walters Industries, Kenova, West Va., when he was killed in the crash of his private plane on Nov. 22, 1972. He left a Brown legacy, his wife, Margaret Conat Michael ’51, sons David ’76 and John ’78, daughter, Lese ’79, and Kirk Michael who is 16.