Donald M. McGinnis
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Team: Ice Hockey

Donald M. McGinnis '70
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Sport: Ice Hockey
Year Inducted: 1981

Donald M. McGinnis '70, at age eight, looked out the back window one morning and saw that his father had flooded the back yard at their Toronto home. He also found a pair of skates hanging on his bed post. The boy got the message and started skating that very afternoon. Between 1966-70, Don McGinnis tended goal for the Brown hockey teams, earning first-team All-East and first-team All-Ivy honors, along with some superlatives from his coach, Jim Fullerton. "When Don came to us he had no real weakness that had to be corrected," Fullerton says. "What he did have was exceptional quickness, high intelligence, a special knack for knowing how to cut the angles, the ability to force the skater into committing himself first, and about two tons of courage in his 5-5, 145-pound frame. More than any other player I've coached, Don made the complete study of the game of hockey. He not only became a master at his own position, but he also made it a point to know all the positions and what the players are supposed to do." High praise indeed from Fullerton, who was one of the top goalies in the nation himself during his days at Norwich. Fullerton was the one who dubbed McGinnis "The Cat," in obvious reference to his quickness. When I was in high school, I used to think that goal tending was just quickness, but he drilled into me the importance of angles - the art of the coming out of the cage to cut down on the shooters angle. We'd work for hours just on that phase of the game." The Cat learned his lessons well. In his first game with the Bruin Cubs he kicked out 54 shots. It was more of the same sort of performance for the next four years as McGinnis established himself as one of Brown's finest net minders. Don McGinnis is living in Toronto, Canada, where he works for the transportation office of the Department of Veterans Affairs.