Lawrence G. McGinn
Lawrence G. McGinn
Hometown: Lynn, MA
Team: Soccer

Lawrence G. McGinn '31
Lynn, MA
Year Inducted:
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Lawrence G. McGinn ’31 was Brown’s first All-American soccer player, being named to the right fullback spot on the team selected in 1930 by Coach Al Nies of Princeton together with other coaches and officials. The graduate of Lynn Classical had been named to the All-American third team in 1929, the year he captained the Bruins. Coach Sam Fletcher once praised “Nuggets” McGinn for his toughness, quickness to the ball, and his kicking ability. “Larry was one of the most clever kickers of his era,” Fletcher said. “He was especially accurate with his kicks, often putting the ball right on the foot of a forward who was racing up the field.” Fletcher often let McGinn take the ball deep into the offensive zone and he always used him on penalty kick situations. One of the men McGinn played against on the soccer field was Nelson Rockefeller, a star on the Dartmouth team. Nuggets was a fine second baseman for the Bruins for four years and later coached American Legion baseball teams to local championships in Massachusetts. Lawrence McGinn earned his master’s in education from Harvard and later served for 17 years as superintendent of schools in Lynn, Mass., before retiring in 1971.