Furber I. Marshall
Hometown: Newport, RI
Team: Football

Furber I. Marshall '19
Hometown: Newport, RI
Sport: Football
Year Inducted: 1975

Furber I. Marshall '19 was picked by Coach Edward North Robinson as one of the two finest ends he coached during his long tenure on College Hill, the other being classmate Josh Weeks. Marshall came to Brown as a transfer from the University of Pennsylvania and played only one varsity season - 1916. A tall, rangy end who weighed close to 200 pounds, Marshall was equally effective on offense and defense. In selecting him to his all-time Brown team, Coach Robinson said: "Furber Marshall was an exceptional blocker and pass receiver and was very fast down field under punts. He also was a deadly tackler, and I can't remember any back turning his end during the 1916 season." A rather outspoken individual, Marshall had a verbal battle with Capt. Cupid Black, Yale's right guard, in Brown's 21-6 victory in 1916. "You think you're pretty good, young fella, don't you?" Black snarled at Marshall across the line of scrimmage. "No," the big Bruin end replied, "but I do shine in these practice games." A native of Newport, R.I., Furber Marshall was president of Carlisle Corp, Carlisle, Pa., when he died on Sept. 29, 1957.