Spencer Chilton Manrodt
Hometown: Melbourne, FL
Team: Football

Spencer Chilton Manrodt '40
Hometown: Melbourne, FL
Sport: Football
Year Inducted: 1974

Spencer Chilton Manrodt '40 was way ahead of his time as a defensive lineman, according to his coach, DeOrmond "Tuss" McLaughry. Coming to Brown from West Side High in Newark, Manrodt played on the undefeated freshman team of 1936 and then started every game for the exciting Brown teams of 1937-38-39. He and his running mate, the late George Mawhinney, gave Brown one of the finest pair of guards in the East during those years. Manrodt played a prominent part in two of Brown's most thrilling victories in 1938, an opening game 20-13 upset of Harvard and the wild 36-27 victory over Columbia and is star, Sid Luckman, on Thanksgiving morning. Although he was an excellent offensive blocker, Manrodt's forte was defense. In an era when most guards were content to penetrate or to submarine a play, Manrodt developed a style that is common today. He'd play the block, spin off, and follow the play along the line of scrimmage, almost becoming another linebacker. Manrodt played in the North-South game of 1939 and then teamed with his coach and two teammates, John McLaughry and wingman Tommy Nash, on the College All-Star team that defeated the New York Giants in August of 1940, the first victory for an all-star team over the Giants. An All-East selection, Manrodt also earned All-American honorable mention for three straight years. He twice won the Class of 1905 Trophy for all-around ability and, as a senior, he was awarded the Class of 1910 Trophy for academic excellence. He was Sigma Xi and president of Alpha Tau Omega. Manrodt played for the New York Yankees of the American Professional League; spent six years in the Air Force, retiring as a major; earned his M.D. from the University of Rochester in 1952, and now has a private practice in Melbourne, Fla.