Ronald M. MacKenzie
Hometown: New York, NY
Team: Special

Ronald M. MacKenzie '26
 New York, NY
Year Inducted:

Ronald M. MacKenzie ’26 was a member of the United States Olympic Bobsled team in 1936 and now, 41 years later, he is president of the Organizational Committee for the 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid, N.Y. A native of New York City, Ron MacKenzie came to Lake Placid when he was seven years old and almost immediately made himself known around the village as a speed skater. After graduating from Brown, where he confined his athletic interests to the swimming team, MacKenzie became interested in the competitive side of skiing and became a formidable competitor in cross country and alpine skiing. In 1932 Ron started bobsledding in four-man events, with one of his team members being his wife, Anna. A former postmaster in Lake Placid, Ron MacKenzie was director of the FIS world Nordic Ski Championships in 1950 and president of the FISU World University Games in 1972. The big bear of a man also served as manager and coach of the U.S. Nordic ski team at the world championships held in Sweden in 1953-54. He planned Whiteface Mountain Ski Development and is also responsible for the present Cross Country travel system at Lake Placid. He was one of the founders of the National Ski Association’s “Liberty Bell” Award. Officially he retired in 1969 – but you can’t prove this by Anna. Ron’s current Olympic committee duties have kept him on the move, with trips to all corners of the world. A postmaster’s life was never like this!