Margaret Corcoran Leys
Hometown: Newport, RI
Team: Ice Hockey

Margaret Corcoran Leys '86
Hometown: Newport, RI
Sport: Ice Hockey
Year Inducted: 1991
Other Sports Player: Softball

Mardie Corcoran came to Brown from Newport, and year, she's one of the many Newport Corcorans that have gone to our University. She's a complete athlete; Mardie is an outstanding tennis player and for four years she was a regular on Phil Pincince's softball team. Ice hockey is really her sport! Twice she was honored as Ivy League Player of the Year while she led her team to two Ivy championships. Not to be outdone, the ECAC named her Player of the Year on successive years. (Incidentally, she also made the Ivy League 1st team in softball.) In 1985-86 the A.W.H.C.A.-C.C.M. named her Athlete of the Year, and in 1986 Words Unlimited followed naming Mardie R.I. Woman Athlete of the Year. Her records on the ice are numerous by season and career and she is the all-time leading scorer. In addition to her recognition in R.I. she has also appeared in Sports Illustrated. Her final honor at Brown came senior year when she was presented the Marjorie B. Smith Outstanding Athlete of the Year Award. Since leaving Brown, Mardie has kept busy teaching at the Gaudet School in Middletown, working as a tennis pro at the Newport Casino, and, yes, finding time to run (and complete) the Ocean State marathon. Mardie is married to Paul A. Leys and lives in (where else?) Newport.