William Lauder
Team: Baseball

William Lauder '98
Sport: Baseball
Year Inducted: 1971

William Lauder '98 was one of the greatest ball players ever turned out at Brown, a scientific batsman rather than a slugger. He was a member of the National Championship team of 1896. Lauder signed with the Philadelphia Phillies as a third baseman in 1898 and ended his career with the New York Giants in 1903, when he enjoyed his best season at the bat with a .281 average. He was one of the most skillful fielding third basemen in the game. Lauder was baseball coach at Columbia in 1906-07, during which time he developed Eddie Collins, one of the great baseball players of all time. He also coached at Williams and Yale. When Collins became manager of the White Sox in 1925, he hired Lauder as one of his coaches. He wrote a book, "How to Play Baseball," and designed a new type of baseball uniform.