Arthur J. Kirley
Hometown: Mansfield, MA
Team: Football

Arthur J. "Pop" Kirley '09
Hometown: Mansfield, MA
Sport: Football
Year Inducted: 1979

Arthur J. "Pop" Kirley '09 was one of the finest tackles in the first 50 years of Brown football. He was twice selected to All-Time Brown teams by Coach Edward North Robinson '96 and New York sportswriter George Trevor. The 6-4, 220-pounder was an early-day Iron Man, playing in every minute of every game for four years, except for the first game of his sophomore season when he was KO'd by something called "an entrance condition." His forte was opening huge holes for such Bruin backs as Bill Sprackling '12, Russ McKay '11, and Johnny Mayhew '09. He also had a brutal charge on defense and never, but never, let a runner get away once he got his hands on him. The tackles back-play was a big part of the Brown offense at that time, and Kirley was an effective ball carrier, scoring 30 points in his career. During Kirley's four varsity seasons, Brown had a 25-13-1 record, including a memorable 23-0 victory over Dartmouth and a 10-10 tie with a fine Yale squad led by the immortal Ted Coy. The late Al Gurney '07, former alumni secretary, once described Pop Kirley this way: "Pop was the finest influence on a team that any coach or player could have. He was full of fight but rarely got angry. When the going got tough, it was Pop Kirley's thundering voice that exhorted his teammates to battle, and his voice could be heard clearly up in the stands." Born on a farm in Fairfield, Vt., the youngest of 14 children, Kirley attended Brigham Academy before entering Brown. He was a weight man on the track team for four years and competed in swimming. He was president of the Pop Kirley Coal and Ice Co. in Mansfield, Mass., from 1938 until his death on Nov. 22, 1969.