Albert W. Gubbins
Albert W. Gubbins
Team: Ice Hockey

Albert W. Gubbins '52
Hometown: Manchester, MA
Sport: Ice Hockey
Year Inducted: 1987

When Al Gubbins was a junior, the Brown Daily Herald printed anarticle suggesting that he get himself a publicity agent.Contemporary stars such as Jack Garrity of B.U., Lennie Ceglarskiand Jackie Mulhern of B.C., and Joe Kittredge of Harvard, amongothers, were getting lots of media attention. But Brown HockeyCoach W.E.S. "Wecky" Moulton '31 felt Gubbins and his teammates -Bobby Wheeler, Don Sennot, and Don Whiston - ought to be similarlyrecognized. "Take 'Gubby' for example," Moulton told the BDH. "He'sone of the finest hockey players in this area. He's a great teamplayer, always covers his man, and can do more things, and do thembetter, than some of the boys you've been reading about." Gubbinshimself was happy just to play wing, glory or no. And he did itwell enough to be named to the All-Ivy second team, an honorablemention New England College All-Star, and to the secondall-tournament team at the NCAA championships in his senior year(an event in which he scored two goals and an assist). Gubbins wasknown as being a fine two-way skater, and a head-and-shoulder fakethat fooled many rival defensemen and shook him loose for shots ongoal. Coach Moulton liked to send him out with Brown wasshorthanded because of his puck-checking skills. That he was aclean, classy player is attested to the fact that Gubbins receivedonly one penalty in four years playing hockey at Brown. Aftergraduating from Brown, Gubbins played on the Providence MaroonChampionship AHA team in 1952, and was a member of the Easternchampion Melrose (Mass.) Booster Team in 1962. Today he is amanager for General Electric Co. and lives in Manchester, Mass.with his wife Martha, and their children.