Richard I. Gouse
Team: Paul L. Maddock ’33 Award

Richard I. Gouse ’68
Paul L. Maddock ’33 Award
Year Inducted: 1998

A tireless supporter of Brown Athletics, Richard I. Gouse enters the Brown Athletic Hall of Fame with over 28 years of active participation in the Brown athletic community. A 1968 alumnus of Brown, Mr. Gouse has also established a long and distinguished career as the President of the New England Institute of Technology.

Starting as a director of the Brown Club of Boston in 1970, Gouse has carved out an exceptional record of support for Brown Athletics. He has been a Director of the Brown Football Association; a director of the Brown Sports Foundation, as well as being an Executive Board Member of the Foundation.

He and his wife, Cheryl, were recipients of the Joslin Award for their contributions to Brown Football. The Gouses were key contributors in acquiring the scoreboard at Brown Stadium which is known as the “Gouse Scoreboard.” Recently, he introduced and sponsored the Ivy League’s Women’s Tennis Championship Award, now known as the Gouse Trophy. His on-going support for Brown Athletics has made him an invaluable member of the Brown community.

Gouse transformed New England Institute of Technology from a small trade shop school into a thriving, regionally accredited college, offering over 20 degree granting programs. He is also Chairman of the Board of New England Institute of Technology @ Palm Beach, the Florida Culinary Institute, and the Café Protégé restaurant.

Gouse is married to Brown alum Cheryl Connors ’70 and their daughter, Carolyn, is a member of the class of 2002 at Brown.