Jay W. Fidler
Hometown: New York, NY
Team: Football

Jay W. Fidler '43
Hometown: New York, NY
Sport: Football
Year Inducted: 1992

Jay Fidler started at left tackle in 1941 and 1942 and played an outstanding 60 minutes in most games prior to the unlimited substitutions that are in the game today. After his sophomore year - which was Tuss McLaughry's last - he played for Skip Staley, who appointed him game captain for the Holy Cross game. He played 60 minutes against George Connors of HC ('43 & '46 All American at Notre Dame and later all-pro with the Chicago Bears). In addition to being selected to many all-opponent teams, he was a first-team All-New England choice and became a starter for the North in the Annual Blue-Gray Game. Jay and his wife, Rhoda, have sent four children to Brown - Shelley '68, Meg '72, Josh '77, and Genine '77. They also have five grandchildren. Jay is currently the president and CEO of the Hercules Chemical Co. in New York. Jay, a recipient of the Brown Bear Award, has served his university well in many capacities.