Mark Farnum
Mark Farnum
Team: Football

Mark Farnum '18
Sport: Football
Year Inducted: 1971

Mark Farnum '18 was a tackle on the Rose Bowl team and thencaptained the fine 8-1 eleven in 1916. A strong bull of a man,Farnum was fast on his feet and was a deadly blocker and tackler.He was frequently used as a running guard, and the sight of the6-3, 220-pound Farnum, black hair flying in the breeze, leading the5-9 Fritz Pollard on end sweeps was a familiar one on Easterngridirons. Farnum loved the game and put a seriousness into it thatkept all of his play at a high standard. Writing in 1931, CoachRobinson selected Farnum to his all-time Brown team and said thatif his career hadn't been shortened by World War I, he'd have beenone of the outstanding linemen of American college football.