Adolph W. Eckstein
Team: Football

Adolph W. Eckstein '25
Sport: Football
Year Inducted: 1971

Adolph W. Eckstein '25 is generally regarded as the finest center in Brown football history. Although light by today's standards at 178 pounds, Eck was rated as one of the three top pivotmen of his era, along with Win Lovejoy of Yale and Ed Garbisch of Army. He was a marvel at diagnosing plays, and his cat-like reactions enabled him to spring through the line or fall back to defend against the pass. His speed made him a dangerous downfield blocker, and he was a terror at covering punts. But, most of all, Eckstein was a great tackler, one who hit low, cutting his man down cleanly and seldom allowing an extra yard. In selecting Eck for his all-time Brown team in 1927, George Trevor of the New York Sun said: "Eckstein was the fighting Dutchman if you ever saw one. Smiling and good natured off the field, the freckle-faced kid was vigorous and unrelenting in action. His forte was mobility. No roving center ever had greater range."