James K. Donaldson
Team: Special

James K. Donaldson '51
Year Inducted:

James K. Donaldson ’51 was the prime mover in getting crew reestablished on a club basis at Brown after a 75 year lapse. He talked four of his fraternity brothers at Delta kappa Epsilon into joining that first crew and eventually secured enough other undergraduate support to form a full boat. Donaldson then procured a 30-year-old-shell from his prep school, St. Andrews in Delaware, with money supplied by enthusiastic undergraduates. The 65-foot shell was lashed onto a 17-foot Oldsmobile and attracted quite a bit of attention during its 14-hour trip from Delaware to Rhode Island. Donaldson was captain of that first informal crew in 1949 and also pulled an oar in the varsity shells during the 1950 and 1951 seasons.