John S. Collier
John S. Collier
Team: Track & Field

John S. Collier '29
Track & Field
Year Inducted:

John S. Collier ’29, a Phi Beta Kappa scholar, placedthird in the 110-meter high hurdles in the 1928 Olympics with a14.8 clocking. While a captain his senior season, Collier gainednational ranking as the indoor and outdoor IC4A champion in thehurdles. He climaxed his career by dethroning Ross Nichols ofStanford as American intercollegiate high hurdles champion in theIC4A meet with a 14.6, only one-fifth of a second off the worldmark. Collier made a sensational comeback in 1934 when he came outof retirement to win the 60 high hurdles in 7.5, three-tenths of asecond faster than the world mark. Collier was president of theCammarian Club and the senior class. His record: 1927 –NE’s: 2nd, 120 h.h, 3rd 220 l.h. IC4A’s 2nd, 120 h.h.1928 – 2NE’s: 1st, 120 h.h. (15.0, new meet record),2nd, 220 l.h. IC4A’s 2nd, 120 h.h. Olympics: 3rd, 110-meterh.h. (14.8). 1929 – NE’s: 1st, 120 h.h. (15.0), 1st,220 l.h. (24.4). IC4A’s: 1st, 120 h.h. (14.6).