Paul J. Choquette
Paul J. Choquette
Team: Football

Paul J. Choquette '60
Sport: Football
Year Inducted: 1971

Paul J. Choquette '60, a 6-0, 205-pound bruising fullback, isone of three Brown players picked for the All-Ivy Team of theDecade. Blessed with good speed, Choquette could run inside ofsweep the ends. He holds the Brown career record for most rushingattempts (392) and yards gained career (1,555). Choquette led theteam in rushing all three years and was among the top 10 ballcarriers in the nation in his junior and senior seasons. The burlyBruin was also a fine defensive back, a steady punter, and a highlycompetitive player, one who could inspire a team by is example bothon and off the field. Choquette was a two-time All-Ivy selection,earned All-East honors, and was named Rhode Island Athlete of theYear by Words Unlimited. He also was the recipient of the NationalFootball Foundation Student-Athlete Award for N.E.