Malcolm G. Chace
Team: Tennis

Malcolm G. Chace '96
Year Inducted:

Malcolm G. Chace ’96 was one of the pioneer athletes in tennis and is considered the father of American hockey. He first won the Rhode Island State tennis championship when he was 14, and he held it for seven years. Chace won eight national titles in the various divisions of tennis and four times gained a national ranking among the top 10. Chace turned in a perfect record in the Intercollegiates by sweeping the singles and doubles three times. While on a tennis trip to Canada in 1892, he learned about the new game of hockey being played there. In the winter of 1894-95 he organized a team for an invasion of Canada, with the games to be half ice polo, the American game, and half hockey. Upon his return, Chace started hockey at Brown, and when he transferred to Yale he started the game there. After graduation he played hockey for the St. Nicholas team in New York and was associated with the construction of St. Nicholas Rink.