George D. Armiger
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Team: Lacrosse

George D. Armiger '67
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Sport: Lacrosse
Year Inducted: 1972

George D. Armiger '67 made the decision to come to Brown even though he was offered sophomore status at Johns Hopkins. Coach Cliff Stevenson regards the native of Baltimore as the best lacrosse stick-handler he has had in terms of passing, catching, and shooting capacity. Not exceptionally fast, Armiger was quick with his hands and he knew how to get open. The stick almost seemed to be a part of Armiger when he was on the field. Playing attack as a freshman, Armiger set a Cub scoring record with 63 points on 54 goals and nine assists. Although he played his varsity career as a midfielder, he is high on the Brown career scoring list with 77 points. When he shot from outside, Armiger didn't just aim in the general direction of the cage. He actually would aim to bounce the ball of the goalies helmet into the cage, or perhaps one of the posts. Every move he made on the lacrosse field was made with a purpose. Armiger was a three-time All-Ivy and a first team All-American as a junior. Playing for the North in the annual North-South game, he scored a goal and had an assist.