Brown Football Team of 1949

Brown Football Team of 1949
Year Inducted:

As a result of a successful 1948 football season, “Nine for Nine in ‘49” became the slogan in the fall of 1949. After defeating Holy Cross 28-6 and Rhode Island 46-0, the team ran into a tough Princeton team, led by Heisman Trophy winner Dick Kazmier and fell to the Tigers 27-14. The slogan was forgotten and the team started another winning streak.

At Providence the next week, Lehigh was crushed 48-0. Joe Paterno and Walt Pastuzek passed the Engineers blind, with Fred Kozak and Chuck Nelson gaining all kinds of yardage. The defense, with Herb DeSimone, Milt Hodash, and Bucky Walters, kept Lehigh in tow all afternoon.

Brown finally went west in 1949, traveling to Ohio to defeat Western Reserve. Leon Beaulieu, Fred Kozak, and Joe Paterno scored touchdowns, and Bucky Walters, All-East tackle, scored a touchdown by recovering a fumble.

Next game, Yale’s Bulldogs at the Bowl in New Haven. With 46,000 fans looking on, Don Colo spoiled the Elis as he broke into their backfield all afternoon. In the second period, Leon Beaulieu ran into the end zone on a fake pass play. In the third period, a pass from Walt Pastuzek to Loren Rodewig finished the scoring with Yale being held scoreless.

The Brown faithful were looking forward to the next game with Harvard. The team was playing well on offense and defense, with Coach Rip Engle using many players…Milt Hodash, “Mo” Mahoney, Joe Condon, Ed Kiely, Bob O’Day, Arnie Green, Bill Smith, George and co-captain Joe Paterno, Chuck Bryson, Fred Kozak, co-captain John Scott, Chuck Nelson, Loren Rodewig, Roger Young, Bill Altieri, Lloyd Hill, Herb DeSimone, Don DiMott, Mike Stien, John Chernak, Gil Borjeson, Frank Powers, and numerous others that formed a Brown team deep in talent.

The last time a Brown team defeated Yale and Harvard in the same year was 1932. On the second play of the game, a Paterno-to-Nelson pass went for 55 yards, and one minute and 32 seconds later Brown was on the scoreboard with Paterno scoring on a quarterback sneak. When the game ended, it was Brown 28 Harvard 14!

At Baker Field the next week, a stubborn Columbia team (coached by legendary Lou Little) held Brown to a 7-7 tie going into the fourth quarter. Joe (“The Toe”) Condon put Brown ahead with a 27-yard field goal. Six minutes later, Brown scored a touchdown to insure a 16-7 victory.

Thanksgiving Day, Brown was back on Elmgrove Avenue with a tough Colgate team. This was one of the most exciting games ever played at Brown Stadium, and it probably was the greatest comeback ever made by a Bear Eleven. Early in the third quarter, Brown was down 26-7. Finally, the team came to life and amazingly not only caught up but went on to score three touchdowns in three minutes. Final score, brown 41 Colgate 26.

The 1949 team averaged 29.2 points per game, scored a total of 263 points in nine games, while holding the opposition to just 94 points or an average of 10 points per game. Brown led the League in total defense and was second in total offense.

Following the regular season, John Scott and Don Colo played in the Blue-Gray Game in Alabama, while Bucky Walters went to San Francisco to play in the East-West Game. The entire team had a great year and “Eight for Nine in ’49” established them as one of Brown’s finest football teams…one that will be remembered by the Brown faithful for many years.

Following his success at Brown, the late Coach Rip Engle went on to coach successfully at Penn State and was followed by his co-captain of the ’49 team, now Coach Paterno, who has won many games (regular season and bowl) for the Nittany Lions.

Head Coach Rip Engle

Assistant Coaches Gus Zitrides (Line Coach), Bill Doolittle (Backfield Coach), Bob Priestly (End Coach)

Members of the 1949 Football Team:

William Altieri ’51
Leon F. Beaulieu ’51
Gilbert J. Borjeson ’51
C. Joseph Bowdring ’52
Charles Bryson ’51
Hardie M. Burgin ’53
John A. Chernak ’51
Donald R. Colo ’50
Joseph F. Condon ’50
Herbert F. DeSimone ’51
Donald J. DiMott ’52
Elwood A. Eldridge ’52
M. Leonard Erickson ’52
Charles H. Frankenbach Jr. ’51
James A. Garland ’51
Josiah A. Gibson ’51
Theodore K. Gibson ’52
Arnold I. Green ’50
Lloyd H. Hill ’51
Milton Hodosh ’50
James M. Hutchinson ’51
Gino Izzi ’51
Thomas Kelleher ’52
C. Edward Kiely ’50
Frederick A. Kozak ’50
Robert E. Lenker ’51
Carl Leone ’52
Robert S. MacConnell ’52
Robert Macko ’52
Francis H. Mahoney ’50
James A. Martland ’52
Charles L. Nelson ’50
John H. Norberg, Jr. ’52
Robert M. O’Day ’50
Walter F. Paster ’50
George E. Paterno ’50
Joseph V. Paterno ’50
John Pietro ’52
Frank Powers ’51
Douglas E. Randlett ’52
Loren F. Rodewig ’50
William F. Savoye ’51
John S. Scott ’50
Michael G. Stein ’52
Robert A. Searles ’50
Patrick A. Soccorso ’51
Gerard “Bucky” Walters ’50
Donald E. White ’51
James M. White, Jr. ’52
Carlos M. Whitlock, Jr. ’52
Malcolm Winne ’52
Roger F.Young ’50
Jerry Zeoli ’51