Cliff Stevenson Award

This award is named in honor of former Brown coach Cliff Stevenson, who retired in 1990 after directing the men's soccer program for 31 years and the men's lacrosse team for 20 years. It is presented to the male varsity athlete who best exemplifies Cliff's boundless enthusiasm, indomitable spirit and devotion to the quality of life at Brown and the surrounding community.

Name Sport Year
Brian Aylward Wrestling 1991
Rodd Torbert Football 1992
Sepp Dobler Wrestling 1993
Jamie Koven Crew 1994
Gregory Rozycki Lacrosse 1995
Charlie Humber Ice Hockey 1996
David Evans Lacrosse 1996
Mike Noble Ice Hockey 1997
Doug Ulman Soccer 1998
Eric Allen Football 1999
Craig Powell Wrestling 2000
Dan Kantrovitz Baseball 2001
David Drais Football 2002
Brent Grinna Football 2003
Anthony Hatala Track 2004
James Lowe Baseball 2005
Sean Gosselin Soccer 2006
David Healy Football 2007
Dylan Sheehan Soccer 2008
Matt Nuzzo
Thomas Muldoon Lacrosse 2010
David Walls Soccer 2011
Parker Brown Lacrosse 2012
AJ Cruz Football 2013
Corbin Booker Lacrosse 2014
Billy Watterson Wrestling 2015
Sazzy Gourley Swimming & Diving 2016
Andrew Doane Men's Ice Hockey 2017

Updated as of May 22, 2017