Bessie H. Rudd Award

Presented to the female varsity athlete who has done the most to promote women's sports during the year. Consideration is based on enthusiasm, spirit and leadership. The award is named in honor of the former Director of Physical Education at Pembroke College (1930-61) Bessie H. Rudd, in recognition of her leadership in the development of quality athletic programs for all women.

Name Sport Year
Katie Flynn Basketball 1974
Polly Foreman Ice Hockey 1975
Kathryn Kavanagh Softball 1976
Debby Dorman Basketball 1977
Lynn Johnson Basketball 1978
Lois Greisman Basketball 1979
Dora Herrara Soccer 1980
Tina Neal Soccer 1981
Yvonne Goldsberry Soccer 1982
Laura Maciuika Soccer 1983
Teresa Abrahamsohn Soccer 1984
Teresa Abrahamsohn Soccer 1985
Ellen Newberry Softball 1986
Kim Les Ice Hockey 1987
Theresa Hirschauer Soccer/Softball 1988
Hope Wynkoop Cross Country 1989
Natalie Monteiro Field Hockey 1990
Jane Corcoran Ice Hockey/Softball 1991
Carrie Jeram Track 1992
Nicki Barber Soccer 1993
Sarah Atkinson Track 1994
Katie King Ice Hockey/Softball 1995
Katie King Ice Hockey/Softball 1996
Rajanya Shah Crew 1996
Liz Turner Basketball 1997
Liz Turner Basketball 1998
Betsy Siberry Soccer 1999
Stephanie Hughes Swimming 2000
Cara Gardner Ice Hockey/Field Hockey 2001
Elizabeth DiBona Skiing 2002
Jessica Cooper Volleyball 2003
Laurel Pierpont Field Hockey/Lacrosse 2004
Andrea Conrad Basketball 2005
Mary Seid Softball 2006
Daisy Ames Tennis 2007
Hillary Anderson Lacrosse 2008
Shae Fitzpatrick
Katie Goddard Gymnastics 2010
Caroline King Basketball 2011
Cory Abbe Fencing 2012
Caroline King Basketball 2013
Carly Wellington Basketball/Water Polo 2014
Maggie Jordan Swimming & Diving 2015
Alli Rolandelli Ice Hockey 2016
Julia Schoenewald Softball 2017

Updated as of May 22, 2017