Student-Athlete Interaction with Friends of Brown Athletics

During your enrollment at Brown University, you may befriend individual or families in the community who might wish to provide you with a more "home-like" atmosphere. Please be aware that your becoming "friends" with a representative ("Friend of Brown Athletics") and/or an employee of Brown does not change their status as far as NCAA regulations are concerned.

A representative may not provide any extra benefit(s) to any currently enrolled student-athletes, nor the student-athletes' family and/or friends. The acceptance by a student-athlete of any extra benefit is a violation of NCAA regulations and places the student-athletes eligibility for intercollegiate competition in immediate jeopardy.

Brown University is responsible for insuring that all student-athletes and representatives of the University's athletics interests abide by NCAA rules and regulations. Any inappropriate, even inadvertent, activity on your part could result in:

  • A currently enrolled student-athlete being declared ineligible to participation for Brown.

  • The eligibility of a prospective student-athlete(s) being jeopardized.

  • Violations of NCAA regulations and sanctions placed on the University and the athletics programs.

  • Restrictions placed upon your involvement with Brown's athletics program.


Student-Athletes Do's And Don'ts


Do's Don'ts
On Special occasions (e.g. a birthday, Thanksgiving, etc.), you may accept an invitation to the home of an employee of Brown or a Friend of Brown Athletics for a meal. Student-athletes are allowed to accept transportation to the home. A student-athlete can not eat at a restaurant as the guest of a Friend of Brown Athletics or an employee of Brown University.
A student-athlete may return home at his or her own expense to attend a recognition event, and receive an award from any hometown group (e.g., alumni club) that is not the institution's local Friend of Brown Athletics group. A member institution, Friend of Brown Athletics, or any other organization may not pay the expenses of any student-athlete returning home to receive an award for athletics accomplishments or for other personal purposes.