Recruiting Host

As you probably remember from when you were a recruit, making a visit to Brown can be an important part of the recruiting process. We want our recruits to experience the many things that make Brown and its athletics department so special. Our student-athletes play an important role in making sure that our recruits feel welcome and have a great experience while they are here. We also want to ensure the safety and well-being, as well as protect the eligibility, of our student-athletes and the recruits they are hosting. For this reason, Brown has established guidelines (PDF) for both recruits visiting our campus and the student-athletes who will be hosting them. While hosting a recruit, student hosts are expected to display responsible behavior in addition to abiding by applicable NCAA regulations (PDF).

At the discretion of your coach, you may be provided with the following:

  • A maximum of $40 for each day of the visit to cover entertainment for you and the prospect. If hosting more than one prospect, you may receive an additional $20 per day per each additional prospect. This money is intended for expenses such as movie tickets and snacks and may not be used to purchase souvenirs (e.g. shirts, balls, etc.). You may not add your own funds to the money you are given.
  • A maximum of three complimentary meals for each day of the visit (provided you are accompanying the prospect during the official visit).
  • Complimentary admissions to campus athletics events (provided you are accompanying the prospect to the events).

A few other reminders about serving as a host to a visiting recruit:

  • Use of a vehicle may not be provided or arranged by a coach, staff member or booster.
  • You may not allow the recruit to use or drive your car.
  • You may not transport the prospect or anyone else accompanying the prospect more than 30 miles from campus.
  • Drugs and alcohol may not be involved in the recruiting visit (regardless of prospect's age).

If you have any questions or concerns about hosting a visiting recruit, please contact the Compliance Office.