Academic Services

Academics should always be the student-athlete's first priority. The staff of the Athletic Department is available to help the student-athlete achieve a degree, but the student-athlete is responsible for seeking help from Brown's vast network of student support. Each student at Brown is assigned an Academic Advisor. Faculty members serving as academic counselors are available to advise students on academic programs, concentrations, and progress towards a degree.

Resources to Help Students:

  • Academic Advising and Resources (J. Walter Wilson, 3rd Floor) This offers one-stop advising for students in J. Walter Wilson every weekday afternoon. 

  • Brown Tutoring Program

  • Writing Center (Sciences Library (SciLi), 5th Floor)

  • Math Center in the Math Department

  • Randall Advisors (faculty who hold office hours each week in Advising Central to advise sophomores) These advisors meet with students in Advising Central, on the second floor of J. Walter Wilson

Tutors are available through the university. When a student-athlete is in need of a tutor, they are encouraged to seek one through the Dean of the College Office. The university tutoring website is listed above. If a tutor is not available through the university or through the tutoring website, please email or call Bob Kenneally, Associate Athletic Director at 401-863-1043 for further assistance.

In addition to the services the university supplies, each team has a Faculty and/or Dean Liaison who assists members of their team with academic concerns. Each team also has a Peer Advisor who is available to assist teammates with any academic issues. Consult your captains or coaches to find out the name of your Peer Advisor, Faculty or Dean Liaison.

Laptop Computers

The Athletic department has purchased laptop computers for student-athletes to use while away on road trips. The computers are available on a first come, first serve basis. Student-athletes are allowed to keep them for the duration of their road trip, and they must be returned no later than 24 hours after returning to campus. Student-athletes should call to reserve a computer the week of their trip. Bob Kenneally, Associate Athletic Director (863-1043) is in charge of signing out and collecting computers.

If a student-athlete has any questions or concerns about academic support services at Brown University, they should email Bob Kenneally, Associate Athletic Director.