Attention Brown Student-Athlete:

This page exists to provide you with the information you need to complete the beginning of the year athletic eligibility paperwork for 2015-16.  All student-athletes must complete the required forms online prior to attending their team meeting, or before any practice.

To access the forms, click on the following link to authenticate through Brown University and follow the directions on that page to access the online system.  You should use Internet Explorer if you have that option. You should not use Chrome if you can avoid it.

Before you start, you should have available your Brown ID number – referred to in the ACS System as your BRU ID. This is NOT your Banner ID number and it does NOT begin with the letter “B”. Find your ID here

The deadline for completing these forms is August 20, but please do them as soon as you have a chance as it will expedite your clearance for practice when you return to campus.

A few other notes:

• Don't forget to begin the process of gaining medical clearance by following the instructions in the email sent recently by Russ Fiore (contact if you did not get the email or go to

• Incoming athletes (with the exception of squash and men's crew) should all be registered for the NCAA Eligibility Center. If you are not, contact your coach for details. 

• Be sure you click on these links for important information about concussions: and (a video).  

• The summer employment form only offers space for you to describe one job. If you had more than one job, please tell us about the one that you consider to be your main job. Also, you are asked to report your hourly pay rate. If you received a stipend, please report an estimate of what you calculate the hourly rate to be. Volunteer work/fellowships need not be reported, however any other job should be details on the form.

• Some forms ask for very specific details that you may not remember or have access to.  Please be as accurate as possible and provide your best guess when necessary.

• You may view and print a form you have submitted at any time in the future by returning to the portal and clicking the link for forms history.

• Do not use the “change password” link in ACS because you are authenticating through Brown University. Doing so will change your password internally in the ACS system but have no impact the next time you return to to login.

• During the season, you may be asked to return to your portal to view and approve practice logs for your team. The compliance office will notify you by email when it is time to return to the portal.

• Please take a few moments to read the Summary of NCAA Regulations and the NCAA's Banned Drugs educational handout.

Please direct any questions to Sarah Fraser or Eric Schneider