Strength & Conditioning Videos

Upper Body Push Upper Body Pull Lower Body Push Lower Body Pull


Alternating dumbbell bench press

Alternating dumbbell incline bench press

Barbell bench press

Barbell floor press

Barbell incline bench press

Close grip bench press

Decline pushup


Dumbbell bench press

Dumbbell incline bench press

Incline pushup

Lockout alternating dumbbell bench press

Lockout alternating dumbbell incline bench press

Pushup – 1 med ball

Pushup – 2 med balls


Stability ball pushup – feet on ball

Stability ball pushup – feet on ground


Alternating dumbbell overhead press

Barbell overhead press

Dumbbell overhead press

Lockout alternating dumbbell overhead press

Seated dumbbell overhead press

Single arm dumbbell overhead press



Alternating dumbbell row

Band pull-aparts

Barbell Undergrip Row

Dumbbell plank row

Dumbbell pushup row

Dumbbell shrug

Inverted row

Modified inverted row

Single arm cable row

Single arm dumbbell row

Single arm dumbbell row – unsupported

TRX T-row


Close grip pullup

Close grip pulldown

Neutral grip pullup

Neutral grip pulldown

Pull Up

Rope pullup

Single arm pulldown

Towel pulldown

Underhand grip pullup

Underhand grip pulldown

Wide grip pullup

Wide grip pulldown

3-way lunge

Barbell back squat

Barbell lunge

Barbell reverse lunge

Barbell split squat

Crossover step-up

Dumbbell goblet squat

Dumbbell lateral squat


Dumbbell lateral lunge

Dumbbell lateral step-up

Dumbbell lunge

Dumbbell rear foot elevated squat

Dumbbell step-up

Front Squat

Goblet squat

Overhead squat

Single leg box squat

Single leg squat

Back extension

Barbell good morning

Barbell Romanian deadlift

Barbell rear foot elevated deadlift

Clean liftoff


Dumbbell Romanian deadlift

Glute ham raise

Leg curl on platform

Russian leg curl

Single leg back extension

Single leg deadlift

Single leg Romanian deadlift

Stability ball bent knee hip bridge

Stability ball leg curl

Stability ball straight leg hip bridge

Stability ball triple threat

Olympic Lifts Plyometrics Med Ball Core

Dumbbell snatch

Drop snatch

Hang clean

Hang snatch

High Pull

Muscle clean

Muscle snatch

Push jerk

Push press

Alternating plyo jumps

Barbell jump squat

Box jump

Continuous hurdle hops

Depth jumps

Dumbbell drops

Jump squats

Lateral bench hops

Lateral line hops

Lateral quick touches on platform

Line step overs

Med ball explosive step-up

Quick feet on platform

Skate hops

Single leg box jump

Single leg lateral box jump

Single leg line hops

Split jumps

Med ball alternating floor slams

Med ball floor slam

Med ball front shovel

Med ball side chop

Med ball side toss

Med ball single leg chest pass

Med ball tempo




3-Way elbow hold

Barbell rollouts

Barbell windshield wipers

Cable chop

Cable lift

Crossover crunch

Dumbbell side bends

Farmers carry

Flat foot situp

Hanging crunch

Hanging straight leg raises

Landmine rotations

Off bench oblique

Roman chair situp

Stability ball rollouts

Side hip thrust with abduction

Side hip thrust

Stick crunch

Straight leg situp

Suitcase carry

Torso rotation

TRX fallouts

Waiters carry

Weighted crunch





360 Run

Backwards high knee run

Backwards lunge with twist

Backwards open hip skip

Backwards reach run


Child's pose

Fast high knee to sprint

Foam roller series

Foot to hip

Heel grab toe touch

Heel up grab

Heel ups

High knee carioca

High knee run

High knee skip

High knee walk grab


In-place dynamic stretch


Knee to elbow

Lateral lunge

Leg swing skip

Lunge elbow tuck hamstring

Med ball tempo

Mini band A (band around ankles)

Mini band B (band around knees)

Mountain climbers


Seal jumps

Shoulder PVC stretch

Shuffle to sprint


Stick warmup A

Stick warmup B

Walking Romanian deadlift