Advising & Academic Support

Academics should always be the student-athlete's first priority. The staff of the Athletic Department is available to help the student-athlete achieve a degree, but the student-athlete is responsible for seeking help from Brown's vast network of student support. Each student at Brown is assigned an Academic Advisor. Faculty members serving as academic counselors are available to advise students on academic programs, concentrations, and progress towards a degree.

Resources for Students:

Office of the Dean of the College (DOC)

  • Dean's Open Office Hours
  • There will be a dean at the Nelson Fitness Center every Wednesday 1-3 p.m. in the conference room.
  • Students may also make appointments with individual deans according to their academic interests by calling 401-863-9800.

Advising Central

  • Get to know faculty, discuss academic plans, expand individual networks of support.
  • Connect with Faculty Advising Fellows (FAFs) over meals.
  • Meet with academic deans, Randall advisors (sophomore advisors), and career advisors

Focal Point

  • Lists all of the concentrations offered at Brown, along with links to the department websites and concentration requirements.
  • Provides brief overview of each concentration.
  • Helps students narrow down concentration choices based on interests and career ideas.

Office of Student Life (OSL)

  • Provides students with same-day appointments through the Dean of the Day program and evening, weekend, and holiday service through the Administrator On-Call program.
  • OSL provides crisis services 24 hours a day for graduate, medical, and undergraduate students who may be dealing with personal or family emergencies.
  • Through a Dean of the Day (business hours, 401-863-3145) and Administrator On-Call (evenings and weekends, 401-863-4111) system, students can receive immediate support and resource information. Otherwise, call 401-863-3800 to reach OSL.
  • The Office of Student Life can also contact faculty members when appropriate and at the request of a student.

Science Center

  • Brown's Science Center offers drop-in, individual, and group tutoring for many introductory and intermediate science course and concentration selections, as well as reserve small rooms for group study.  The Science Center also houses academic mentoring and science support programs, and serves as the campus clearinghouse for information about research and fellowship opportunities.
  • Students who form their own study groups may reserve study rooms in the Science Center in two-hour increments.

Tutoring, Coaching & Workshops

  • Students can participate in group tutoring for select courses, mainly in introductory and intermediate math, science, and economics courses.  Students will be assigned to a small group of students who will meet weekly with a designated tutor to review important or difficult topics covered in class that week.
  • Individual tutoring is available for Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish, up to intermediate level.
  • Academic Coaching at Brown consists of both individual appointments and workshops.  These resources are available to help students develop study skills such as reading strategies, note-taking, time management, and more.  Coaches are available by appointment and workshops are scheduled throughout the year.

Tutors are available through the university. When a student-athlete is in need of a tutor, they are encouraged to seek one through the Dean of the College Office. The university tutoring website is listed above. If a tutor is not available through the university or through the tutoring website, please email or call Carolan Norris, Senior Associate Director of Athletics - Student-Athlete Services, at 401-863-3052 for further assistance.

In addition to the services the university supplies, each team has a Faculty and/or Dean Liaison who assists members of their team with academic concerns. Each team also has a Peer Advisor who is available to assist teammates with any academic issues. Consult your captains or coaches to find out the name of your Peer Advisor, Faculty or Dean Liaison.

Writing Center

  • Experienced as well as inexperienced writers are encouraged to come to the Center with their writing concerns.  Writing Center Associates are prepared to discuss all stages of the writing process, from finding a topic up through revision and editing strategies.  Associates can help writers deal with writer's block, audience awareness, argumentation, organization, grammar, research skills, the conventions of academic writing, English as a Second Language, and issues of clarity and style.
  • The Writing Center's regular business hours are Sunday 3-9 pm, Monday-Thursday 12-9 pm, and Fridays 12-3 pm. Appointments are available from 12-8 pm and are scheduled on the hour, lasting less than an hour.  One time and ongoing short or long-term appointments are available.  Appointments should be made well in advance of the due date of any paper.
  • To set up an appointment, please send an email ( including cell phone number and desired dates and times in order of preference (broader range of times will make it easier to get an appointment), and the type of writing piece to be reviewed.